The staff at Forest Primary School believe in developing student’s ability to take responsibility for their own actions and to understand that with every action there is a consequence (be it positive or negative).  We believe that behavioural expectations must be realistic, achievable and clearly communicated with consequences being relevant, meaningful and applied consistently by all staff across all grades.  Forest Primary School staff aim to provide a safe environment in which students understand their rights and responsibilities and in this way develop a working respect for each other and the adults working in the school community.  Staff and students were involved in the establishment of the Code of Behaviour.
To provide children with a clear guide of acceptable behaviour and the associated consequences for their actions.  This will provide students with a secure environment in which to learn.
As an everyday part of the teaching and learning process teachers will use a range of strategies to achieve the optimum learning environment for all children in their class.  Strategies include:  teaching children about their rights, responsibilities and associated consequences through Program Achieve resources;  the relationship of the rights and responsibilities to the child’s personal future and social responsibility;  negotiating a realistic set of classroom rules which are displayed in the classroom;  effective classroom organisation with flexible and stimulating routines, tasks and expectations that are well defined, understood and realistic;  a cooperative approach taken between teachers and children;  appropriate behaviour which is modelled and encouraged by teachers.  Children will have classroom responsibilities and appropriate behaviour will be encouraged by e.g. positive reinforcement;  use of eye contact, voice tone, clear instructions and opportunities for children to ask questions in regards to the task at hand.
·        Persistence
·        Confidence
·        Getting Along
·        Organisation
·        Bouncing Back (Resilience)
and are delivered through the 3 B’s
·        Be a learner
·        Be a friend
·        Be safe