School Times
Whole school reading or daily PE begins at 8:45am and classes commence at 8.55am.  Teachers are on duty from 8.15am. 
     Recess:      10:30am  -->  10:50am
     Lunch:        12:30pm  -->  1:15pm
Teachers are on duty during break times and until 3:20pm when the final bus leaves.  Classes finish at 2:40pm and bus students are taken to their buses by 2:50pm.  Other students are dismissed as soon as the buses leave.
We are a Kinder to Grade 6 school.  Ages are taken from 1st January for that year:  children need to be 4.0 to enter Kindergarten, 5.0 for Prep and 6.0 for Grade 1.  If you are unsure about your childs placement, please contact the school.  On commencement at any Tasmanian government school, an enrolment form will need to be completed.  If children are transferring from another Tasmanian Government school, parents or guardians do not need to complete another enrolment form - information is transferred via the State-wide Data Warehouse. See Document Download for enrolment form.
Kinder Days
Kinder days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
A composite levy is charged to help cover the cost of classroom materials, equipment, pool costs, cultural performances, minor excursions, books, stationery etc.  Payment of the composite levy and uniform sales take place before school commences each year.  Parents will be notified towards the end of the year of the levy charge due the following February.  Additional charges may occasionally be made for larger excursions and sporting events.  Charges are $155 for Prep to Grade 6 students and $100 for Kinder students.
Financial Assistance  
Parents who have limited family income, currently $36,192
per annum for a family with one child, may apply through the school for assistance with books and materials from the Department of Education under the Student Assistance Scheme.  Further information and application forms may be obtained from the school office.
All students are strongly encouraged to wear school uniform in order to promote a sense of school pride, belonging, community identity and to provide a consistent model for students, teachers and parents.
Girls and Boys:  Red polar fleece jacket, black polo shirt with red insert ansd school logo, black track pants/trousers, black shorts (summer).  Balck puffer jacket with red school logo or red softshell jacket with black school logo. A girls summer dress is available - ready made.  Hats are a compulsory part of the uniform as we are a Sunsmart school and are worn during the daylight savings period.  Broad brim or legionnaire hats are the only acceptable sun smart headwear, Polar Fleeece Beanie for winter.  Uniform and price lists are available from the office.
To protect uniforms, smocks or old shirts are advisable as cover ups for children when participating in messy tasks.
See Document Download for uniform order form.

Please name all articles of clothing.  All named clothing can be returned if mislaid but we cannot take responsibility for items not named.  Lost property is collected together in a storeroom at the school.  Ask at the office if you would like to look through this for misplaced items.
Transport to and from School
Over 90% of our students travel to and from school each day by bus.  We have 4 bus runs currently servicing the school.  These come from Detention River/Hellyer Beach, Mawbanna, Alcomie/Lileah, Smithton and greater Forest.  Times and pick up points are available from the office.  When children have an alteration to normal travel arrangements parents are asked to make changes in child's diary. send a note to the school or phone to advise us of this, otherwise children's normal mode of transport wil be followed.
Contact Person:  NA and SA Wells - 6452 2900.
Parents who drop off and collect children from school are asked to do so by driving into the school turning circle and stopping near the students entrance.  When parents are intending to stay for longer periods, please use the school car park.  It is imperative that this process is observed to ensure the safety of all members of our school community.

Student Absence
Office staff must be notified, preferably in writing of all student absences, late arrivals, appointments or early departures. Students attending appointments, arriving late (after 8:45am) or departing early will need to sign in/out of the school at the office. You can report an absence through the Schoolzine App on the Absentee Form.
Lunches from the canteen are available 4 days per week  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Orders must be made before school on canteen days either at the school or the Forest General Store.  Senior students of our school staff the canteen at recess and lunch to sell snacks and drinks.  

After School Care
The school provides an after school care service for primary school families in Circular Head from 3.00pm to 6.00pm daily.  The centre's committee would prefer if bookings were made in advance by contacting Circular Head Child Care on 036452626, although we do realise that occasionally bookings may need to be made on the day by contacting the school office before 2:00 pm.  You will also needto notify the school office if your children are book in.

Student Banking
The school conducts a Commonwealth Bank school banking service each Monday.  Forms are available at the office to open new accounts.  Forms can be return to the office once completed.

Newsletters and Notices
A newsletter is published through the Schoolzine app every second Wednesday to provide parents with a variety of information on happenings at school.  Community groups or individuals may include items by ensuring information is at the school office by 10:00am Monday.   

Assembly dates will be notified via the school newsletter.

Book Club
The school participates in running a book club.  Catalogues are sent out approximately twice a term.

All children are encouraged to borrow books from the school library on a regular basis.  A library technician is available at various times during the school day.  Time is set aside during class to return and borrow books.  Children are encouraged to have book bags for library books to help ensure they are kept in good condition.  Children are also encouraged to return books on time.  Accounts are sent out for overdue, lost or damaged books.

ICT Acceptable user policy
At the commencement of school, children and parents are asked to sign an acceptable user policy to ensure they are aware of the correct usage of computers. Please ensure your child is aware of these conditions when signing this agreement.

Dental Care
The School Dental Clinic operates from the Smithton Hospital.  To make an appointment, please contact the clinic on 6452 4687.

In-school Swimming Program
All classes have swimming lessons in our indoor pool.  
Swimming & Water Safety Program
The Department of Education runs a swimming and water safety program for Grades 3, 4, & 5 students. 
Support Services
Comprises of Speech and Language Pathologist, Guidance Officer and Social Worker.
Guidance Officer:  visits our school regularly.  She assists with assessing children’s needs and planning appropriate programs.
Social Worker:  visits our school and she develops appropriate programs for the children she is working with.
Speech & Language Pathologist:  visits the school and puts in place a program which is carried out by a trained aide during our speech and language program, which is held on a regular basis.  The role of the Speech & Language Pathologist is to investigate and assist parents and teachers with children having language and speech difficulties.  In recent times the Cluster of Circular Head State Schools has run Speech and Language programs overseen by the Speech and Language Pathologist and run by Speech and Language Aides.

Support Programs
The school employs teacher aides who work with individuals and small groups to support learning.  These needs are pinpointed by class teachers, principal, guidance officer and parents and programs based around Literacy and Numeracy are developed.