LINK (Little Learners Into Kinder)
Why Come to Link Sessions
These sessions provide an opportunity for children to meet other children who will be attending Kinder next year and begin to establish themselves as a special group.
Parents to meet other parents and share.
Children to become familiar with the Kindergarten environment and some routines prior to beginning school.
Parents and children to engage in activities together.
Parents, children and school staff to get to know each other.
Children to have fun!
Helpful Hint
  • Please dress your child in play clothes.
  • Remember to talk to your child and any others nearby.  This will begin new friendships and interactions.
  • Be prepared to move to different activities with your child.
  • Remember just being with your child is something they value.
  • Even if your child draws beautiful pictures at home, here they may want to experiment.  Try not to show children how to paint, draw etc.