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Bus Information

Over 90% of our students travel to and from school each day by bus. Parents are requested to inform Wells Waggons that their child will be travelling on the service. Buses come from Detention River/Hellyer Beach, Mawbanna, Alcomie and Smithton/Forest. When children have an alteration to normal travel arrangements parents are asked to either; send a note to the school, phone the school or send a message via Schoolzine to our email to advise us of this change, otherwise children will be sent via their usual travel arrangement.

For issues on the bus and to change your child from one bus to another bus please contact Wells Waggons - 6452 2900.

Parents who drop off and collect children from school are asked to do so by driving into the school turning circle and stopping near the students' entrance.  When parents are intending to stay for longer periods, please use the school car park across the road. Parents using the turning circle must wait until the first 2 buses have left and can safely enter from 2:45 pm. Children being collected are then brought out to their parents from the multi-purpose room. It is imperative that this process is observed to ensure the safety of all members of our school community.