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A Birth to Five Learning Program for parents and their children.

Our Focus is to support and promote learning through play.


Kinder Room

Forest Primary School



9:00 am – 11:00 am

What to bring

Hat for outdoor play. Dress in old clothes; we get messy. A piece of fruit to share, a water bottle and morning tea for your child.

Keep an eye out for our pop up groups. Please let us know if you would like information on our water awareness, play gym or movement to music programs.

We provide an environment which allows opportunities for:

  • Pre-school children to develop social skills in playing together
  • Children and parents to learn together
  • Young people to develop a love of learning
  • Parents/carers to meet, chat and share knowledge, experiences and concerns

We aim to support you with:

  • Resources for borrowing
    • Home activity learning packs
    • Children’s and parenting books
  • Information and ideas relating to learning and children’s educational needs;
  • Information regarding community services.

We provide opportunities to be involved in:

  • Story time
  • Art and crafts – fine motor skills
  • Outdoor play and gross motor
  • Sensory and playdough experiences
  • Building/construction
  • Social Opportunities
  • Pop up activities
    • Water awareness
    • Movement to music